2021 – The School Year Begins

Amanda HannUncategorized

It has been a busy first few weeks for staff and students at Diamond Valley College.

The first day of school for year 7 students was filled with activities to familiarise themselves with their fellow students, the school and their teachers. Students participated in various activities in order to prepare them for the year ahead.

Year 12 students participated in their study camp at Anglesea. The camp set the foundations for a successful year 12. They found their courage at the high ropes course, worked together in team building activities and attended study skills sessions. The year 12 students will take the achievements and skills gained at camp and apply them to the 2021 school year.

Diamond Valley College held a full school assembly (the first full school assembly in almost a year). Year 7 students and new staff were officially welcomed to the College. In line with the college values, students were encouraged to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities offered to them throughout the year.

We look forward to a successful and exciting 2021.