VET Showcase.

VET Certificate III in Media (Gaming).

Working under the direction of an interactive author or programmer to produce several web pages, collaborating with other members of a team and need a sound understanding of the project. You will work closely with other members of a production team, creating visual design components in response to specifications. Students contribute creative ideas to the overall concept that needs to take account of technical considerations, such as the final delivery platform for your game.

  • The course involves using the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), a Game Engine by Epic Games, an industry leader in game production as well as Maya, the industry standard in 3D modelling and animation.
  • It also involves the use of Dreamweaver and Flash to create a website portfolio
  • Topics covered range from Level Design and Character Design to 3D Modelling and Node Based Scripting.
  • Students will create their own game on a framework provided by AIE, with access to assets from the UE4 Marketplace.
  • 3D character and asset printing.

The aim of the course is to expose students to industry standard practices and prepare them for further study in the Game Production and 3D Animation fields.