The preferred Book Supplier for Diamond Valley College is

North of the Yarra,
52-56 Strathallan Road,
Macleod VIC 3085

Booklists for all year levels are available on the North of the Yarra website and can be viewed by clicking here.

Although there are some good savings to be made by purchasing a digital textbook instead of a hard copy, please make sure you are comfortable reading in the digital format before you commit yourself to buying in this format!

There are a number of scientific calculators and dictionaries available through the app store, with a wide range of pricing (from free to very expensive). There are also many online resources eg

Second-Hand book sales

Diamond Valley College supports sales of second-hand books through the Sustainable School Shop. Click here to visit their website.

A limited number of second-hand books are also available through North of the Yarra. Please speak with North of the Yarra if you require more information.