Capital Improvement Works.

Plans are currently underway for a 2 million dollar building project to begin building facilities. After extensive consultation with staff, student focus groups and College Council, a proposal was put forward to redevelop our Music Facilities and Library Resource Centre.

Consultation with our architects at Madison are underway, with schematic drawings being developed. This will continue until the end of January as we develop the best design for our needs.

The Performing Arts Centre will be a multipurpose area that will cater for our music and drama performances (with the exception of the production), lecture presentations, assemblies and information evenings. It will have a range of rehearsal rooms and a music classroom.

The Resource Centre will include two classrooms, a redesign of how the Library space is used, a maker space to support our growing Digital Technology programs and will house the Junior Sub School team.

Minor work will also be completed in the administration and technology buildings.

It is an exciting time and will certainly be an asset to our school community.