Program Overview
Strength and Conditioning training as part of a holistic program involves the use of the most up to date methods of exercise interventions to promote improved athletic performance and, arguably more importantly, reduce the risk and occurrence of injuries.
Utilising a well structured and periodised exercise regime, all athletes will have the opportunity to accelerate their athletic development and therefore their ability to use their talents on the field or court.
A typical Strength and Conditioning session at Diamond Valley Sports Academy will consist of a:
  • Structured, specific and thorough warmup.
  • Injury prevention drills and interventions.
  • Balance and biomechanics drills
  • A specific, progressive strength program, based around the athlete's needs and goals.
  • A proven and specific conditioning program, to maximise an athletes output.
This program will provide a strong foundation for all athletes to maximise their talents and output at their chosen sport.