DVC Bus network & Public Transport.

College Bus Network

Important Bus Network Review Information:

On 17 December 2015 the Department of Education issued the following changes to the school bus program.

  • Eligible students continue to be provided free travel to their nearest appropriate school.
  • Replacement of the complicated distance based fares, replaced with a single flat rate fare for ineligible travellers.
  • The fare rate for 2022 will be a flat rate of $500 per year ($125 per term).

(This rate is across the board and unfortunately does not allow for part time travellers) All students wishing to travel either casually or daily must contact the Bus coordinator before travel. Their request must be accompanied by written parental permission for the change in normal travel arrangements.

  • Students are reminded to wait at the stop a safe distance from the road in clear view for the approaching driver to stop safely. Students are not to wait inside parents’ vehicles as the bus drivers will not see that a student is waiting and will not stop.
  • Students must be at their stops 10 minutes before scheduled time on the Bus Timetable.
  • All new travellers: if you have not received a bus pass or the bus marked on the pass appears to be incorrect please contact the college
  • Payments per term are determined by PTV and are subject to change.

Public Transport

Public transport to Diamond Valley College is available. Diamond Valley College, in conjunction with Dyson Bus Group, has a special bus service that runs to complement public bus route 381. This bus services runs in the AM and PM of every school day throughout the Term. Students travelling on this service, need to ensure that they carry an appropriate myki card with adequate funds.

  • Route 381 timetable
  • South Morang/Mernda route supporting Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Diamond Valley College Bus Network?

The Diamond Valley College Bus Network is a free service provided for students to their nearest government school and who reside more than 4.8km (by shortest practicable route) from that school.

Our network consists of 9 buses which pick up and drop off students from St Andrews, Smiths Gully, Hurstbridge, Panton Hill, Strathewen, Nutfield, Cottlesbridge, Arthurs Creek, Kangaroo Ground, Watsons Creek, Bend of Islands, Christmas Hills, Kinglake, Yarrambat, Doreen, Eltham, Eltham North, Research, Wattle Glen, and Diamond Creek. Students are dropped off at the College Bus Bay by 8.30am each morning and the buses depart the college by 3.15pm each afternoon. The bus bays are situated, kerbside, directly in front of the college.

 Can my child use the bus if they do not qualify for free travel?

Fare paying students are able to access these services at the discretion of the Principle. The availability of space and payment of fares prior to travel, must be taken into consideration.
Due to the increased number of students travelling from the Doreen area, a PTV service has now been implemented to cover the overflow.
Ongoing travel is subject to spare seat capacity and ongoing fare payment.

 How much does it cost to use the bus network?

The cost of travel for fare paying students is capped at $125 per Term.
This fee is set by the Department of Education and Training and the PTV and subject to change.

 How does my child know where to catch the bus?

Bus timetables are available via the College website, dvallcoll.vic.edu.au detailing the bus stops. The timetables include a Map reference and time for each stop. It is advised that students arrive at least 10 minutes before the Bus is due to arrive at their stop. Teachers are on duty, morning and afternoon, at the College bus bay.

Parents should note that while every endeavour is made to allocate seating on a requested bus, in the event of overcrowding students may be required to change bus to enable them to travel safely.

 What if my child wants to visit a friend who travels on the bus?

Students requesting to use the bus service on an irregular basis to visit friends etc. must bring a note and seek permission from the Bus Coordinator the day prior to intended travel. If space is available, a day pass will be provided at a cost of $2.00. Bus travellers wishing to visit a friend (who travels on another bus) must also bring a note to the Bus Co-ordinator and obtain a day pass for the bus required.

 How do I apply for my child to use the bus network?

All students, including casual travellers, intending to use the Diamond Valley College Bus System must complete a yearly application (one per family) and return the application to the Diamond Valley College Bus Coordinator by the date requested via the College Newsletter.

 What if my child is not a DVC student?

Applications to travel are available to download from the DVC website, but must be returned with payment to your own school. Priority is given to DVC students, with spare seats only being allocated term by term on a first come, first served basis to other travellers. Seats are only allocated once payment has been forwarded to DVC by the school concerned.

 What other conditions of travel apply?

All bus travellers, whether they are College students or not, must adhere to the College’s Conditions of Travel and the College Code of Conduct. Students and parents applying for bus travel must sign their acceptance of these conditions, which include carrying and presenting the correct pass, obeying the bus driver, bus captains and supervising teachers, behaving safely at all times, and setting an appropriate example to younger students.

 What if I still have unanswered questions?

Please contact the Diamond Valley College Bus Coordinator on 9438 1411 or send an email to diamond.valley.co@education.vic.gov.au marked attention Bus Co-ordinator.