Principals Message.

Dear parents, guardians and students,

Welcome to Diamond Valley College – a secondary college committed to building positive and harmonious relationships between students, staff and parents. We are committed to fostering a sense of respect, excellence and responsibility – our college values. Through living out these values our aim is to provide the best opportunities for every individual in our school community.

As Principal, I place the highest priority on providing a safe and secure environment for all students. In this environment students are valued as individuals and they are nurtured in their personal and social development as they build resilience and strengthen their connectedness to peers, school and community. 

At Diamond Valley College we are dedicated to inspiring a passion for lifelong learning. On their learning journey, students are engaged with a broad and challenging education where high expectations enable them to establish a foundation for success in their chosen pathways. This includes a range of specialist programs including a High Achievers Program for those students that are looking for challenge and extension and an embedded program that supports the needs of elite gymnasts and tennis players allowing them to train whilst still accessing core curriculum areas. n 2020, the program will expand to incorporate Boys and Girls in Years 7,8,9,10 across AFL, Netball, Tennis and Basketball Programs.

Individuals are encouraged to achieve their personal best in all areas of their learning in the classroom and beyond. They learn how to become responsible, enterprising and active young men and women who will make a positive contribution to society.

We look forward to the prospect of welcoming you to Diamond Valley College and working with you in partnership throughout your child’s secondary education. I invite you to contact the College to organise an interview or tour, we want to share with you what is special about Diamond Valley College.

Reg Byrne

Meet our team

Our experienced team have a wide range of skills suited to the challenges of managing our complex organisation.

Rebecca Taylor

Assistant Principal

Reg Byrne


Shona McEnaney Name

Assitant Principal