Year 10 Q and A with a Holocaust Survivor – Jewish Holocaust Centre Incursion

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All Year 10 students participated in an incursion hosted by Jewish Holocaust Centre as part of their study of the text ‘Night’ in English.

Students had the opportunity to participate in a Q and A session with Vivienne. Vivienne is a Jewish Holocaust survivor and lived in France during the Second World War.

Students were enthralled as they listened to her respond to their questions. Vivienne carefully conveyed her story of survival, but indicated to students that it was also a story of hope.

Students shared their thoughts of the experience:
“That was incredible. I had my eyes glued to screen and my ears absorbing everything.” – Aidan
“It is important to listen to Holocaust survivors so that we don’t forget about the horrible things that happened and also to make sure that it doesn’t repeat itself in the future” – Isabelle
“Thank you to Viv for being able to tell her story and answer our questions – it was very interesting” – Jack
“What was interesting was Viv’s comment to help others even after what she had been through because of others.” Larni.

Students were also taken on a virtual tour of the museum and watched various exhibition items come to life.
The year 10 students and the English teachers valued this unique opportunity and were very thankful to Vivienne for sharing her story.