Year 12 Motivational Dinner

Amanda HannUncategorized

Despite the current circumstances the Year 12 Motivational Dinner went ahead successfully. It may have looked different from previous years, but it was important for year 12 students to experience this event as part of their year 12 journey at Diamond Valley College. Our students definitely needed some motivation and inspiration at this time.

The day begun with hand delivered parcels to every year 12 student:

There was a panel of recent graduates that included Ian Jenkinson  (’18), Emma Pontefract (’16) and Shannyn Ashby (’19), who spoke of their  transition from secondary school to further education. Michael Hill (’06) joined live and spoke about his career in first class cricket. He also spoke about how he has had to re-evaluate his goals and pathways since retiring from cricket. Recorded messages to the class of 2020 were from Olympic mountain bike rider Dellys Starr nee Franke (’92), Cameron Rigby (’95)  (who left the college during year 11 to pursue a basketball scholarship and career in the US) and racing car driver Craig Lowndes (’92). They emphasised the need  for goal setting, flexibility and having a positive mindset.