2017 Next Generation Youth Forum

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The Next Generation Youth Forum is an annual event that gives Year 10 – 12 secondary school leaders an opportunity to be inspired by the exchange of ideas, to debate and break free from conventions and become agents of change in our society.

Our students experienced programs that included a keynote address from a high-achieving young Australian who has been transformational in their field. They also took part in a range of workshops on leadership and social justice topics that will inspire our next generation of leaders.

“Values are the structure to our beliefs and actions. They affect the way we live our lives.”

Billy Graham

“It doesn’t matter which side of the bus you get off, as long as we all respect where the bus goes”

 Ian Jenkinson

“Eye-opening presentations by youth advocates, provided me with the encouragement and advice to innovate, inspire and discover curiosity in all life’s wonder; intertwined with developing my growing understanding of the importance values play in shaping us as individuals. “

Darcy Williams

“Our values influence our actions, our actions influence others and therefore values are the basis of leadership.”

Liam Easton

“It was a valuable and interesting experience.”

Hayden Swift

“A very good experience, I learnt more about what it’s like to be a leader.”

Aaron Stuart

“The youth forum at La Trobe was very motivational and I came away from it feeling as though I can do anything I put my mind to.”

Georgie Alvarez