The Combined Food and Italian Study Tour of Italy 2017.

From the 26th of March to the 10th of April, 23 students and 3 teachers visited the beautiful Italy. We visited many places including Rome, Sorrento, Siena, Florence, Venice and Milan.

While there we explored the wonderful historical streets and saw many glorious buildings.
We saw many beautiful churches including the Duomo in Milan, St Peters Basilica in the Vatican, and Doges Palace and St Mark’s Basilica in Venice.

We enjoyed the Italian cuisine and ate lots of pizza, pasta and of course delicious gelati.

Everywhere we went was another beautiful sight, especially in the Tuscan countryside when staying at Castelfiorentino, and along the Amalfi Coast when we stayed in Sorrento.

We had a few cooking classes, where we learnt to make chocolate truffles in Perugia, watched a gelato demonstration and ate lemon gelato in Sorrento, made homemade pasta and tiramisu at the Farmstay, and had a pizza cooking class in Florence. It was really fun to learn how to make some famous Italian dishes. We also had an opportunity to practice our Italian oral skills.

Many historical monuments and places were truly amazing to see, like the colosseum and roman forum in Rome, the leaning tower of Pisa in Pisa, the ancient ruins of Pompeii, the piazza del campo famous for the Palio in Siena, the rialto bridge in Venice and Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

We also visited museums such as the Ferrari factory in Maranello, the Perugina chocolate factory famous for baci in Perugia, and also the San Siro Stadium in Milan.

Other things we were able to do was visit a leather market and a food market in Florence, enjoy a gondola ride in Venice, and meet up with last year’s language assistant, Ilaria Rotili, in Rome.

It was a wonderful trip with a great group of people. We would like to say a big thankyou to Allison, Rose and Claire for organizing the trip.


Italian Cooking SAC.

The video has the current VCE students who as part of their outcome needed to cook an authentic Italian meal, which consisted of an entrée, main, and dessert. Their task involved researching the ingredients in Italian, cooking it all in Italian and taking a video with a conversation in Italian. With the assistance of the Language Assistant the students were able to extend their vocabulary and learn about writing recipes in Italian.

Video by Keely Thomas, Ebony Hall and Sarah McEwan.