English: Creative Writing

This course is aimed at enriching and extending students who have a love of writing. The purpose of this course is to develop students’ writing to a high level in preparation for the demands of senior English and Literature. Students who undertake this course will develop their writing skills across different genres and will experiment with various styles of writing. They will work independently and collaboratively to create a variety of responses which showcase their development and love of writing. Students will complete various activities to increase their confidence and excitement about their own writing and the writing of others. During their studies in this unit, students will draw on ideas from film, print and electronic resources to inspire their own text creation.

Coursework and Assessment:

During this course, students will develop a range of skills to help them:

  • access and expand their imagination
  • draw from their own experiences and memories
  • analyse and discuss various types of creative writing
  • apply different structures to their works
  • imagine memorable characters.

For their assessment in this unit, students will create a range of stylistic texts.


Contact Teacher - Cate Hambling