The focus of this class is to introduce students to dance. Students will be trained to execute a range of technical, physical skills and body actions, which enables safe execution of a diverse range of movements. As a group, students will reach the mutual goal of a dance performance, which will be performed at the end of the semester.

Throughout the course, students have the opportunity to work closely with their peers, to encourage further development of teamwork skills. Students will benefit physically, increasing fitness levels. Personal skills such as confidence, self-esteem, self- motivation and self-discipline prosper as students work collaboratively towards performing in front of an audience.

Course Requirements/Assessment

  • Individual performance in class and participation when working in a team
  • Demonstration of warm-up techniques and skills at the start of each lesson to prepare for the dance requirements
  • Applying the dance making process: choreography, rehearsal and performance
  • The learning, refining and performing of a learnt group dance work
  • Costume design and making

Contact Teacher - Katrina Aralios