Year 9 Italian 2nd Semester

“The conquest of learning is achieved through the knowledge of languages.” Roger Bacon, The Opus Majus of Roger Bacon - Volume 1

Year 9 Italian 2nd semester is a single elective. This subject will provide further exposure to the Italian language and develops the necessary foundational skills for year 10 Italian. Students who wish to take Italian in Year 10 should enroll in this subject.

Topics and assessment will be negotiated and will allow students to investigate areas of enjoyable interest related to leisure, the use of social media and other issues of general interest to young people. The appropriate grammar will be taught within the topics in combination with the use of interactive technology, games like and apps, like SpeakPipe and JustCast. For example such topics as:

  • The use of technology as a form of entertainment in contemporary youth culture.
  • Food indulgence (involves cooking).
  • Music and Italian pop culture
  • Healthy living

It aslo includes, interactive games to assist learning, cooking of Italian food and excursions. Students also receive a pen pal from a high school in Avellino in Italy, where students can have an opportunity to practice their Italian langauge. 

There is the possibility to participate in a study tour to Italy, which is a valuable opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the country’s language and culture. In addition, students will be able to visit their pen pal as part of the Study Tour of Italy in 2019.




Contact Teacher - Rose Marasco