Humanities - History

This core history subject focuses on Australian History from settlement to 1918. Key areas of study include the arrival of the first Europeans to Australia and their attempts to create a penal settlement. Students will investigate the lives of pioneers, settlers and explorers and their rebellious spirits, the Victorian Gold Rush and the Eureka Stockade, Bushrangers, the distribution of land, Federation and World War 1.

Class Work:

  • Individual and group investigation tasks
  • Research and Projects including a dramatic performance
  • Field work reports on excursion activities
  • A folio of exercises related to developing history skills

Key core units studied will include:

  • The Modern World and Australia 1750-1918
  • The Industrial Revolution, Technology and Progress 1750-1914
  • Movement of People: Aborigines, Migration and European Settlement

Students will also complete depth study in two of the following:

  • Colonisation and Conflict
  • From Colonies to Nationhood
  • Asia and the World: China
  • World War 1

Participation in this unit includes an excursion to Ballarat where students visit the Eureka Stockade Museum and Sovereign Hill.

Contact Teacher - Geoff Portbury