This unit focuses on the development of personal movement vocabulary and systematic training in a range of technical, physical skills and body actions, which enables safe execution of a diverse range of movements. Students learn to apply and examine the elements of movement (time, space and energy) within their own dance and that of others. Students develop high level interpersonal and performance skills through small and whole group dance works.

Students explore dance works of other choreographer’s through performance and analysis. They consider cultural influences on the expressive intention, form and movement vocabulary on works created by choreographers working in a range of styles and/or traditions.

Class Work

  • Participation and working in groups
  • Demonstration of warm-up techniques and skills at the start of each lesson to prepare for the dance requirements
  • The learning and performing of a class dance in front of an audience
  • The choreography and performance of a small group dance that demonstrates time, space and energy through creative movement
  • Completion of written analysis of dance works, and other written requirements

Contact Teacher - Katrina Aralios