English: Literature & Creative Writing

The aims of this subject are twofold: to extend students’ love of literature through reading and enhance their creative writing skills. In the Literature component of this course, students will develop their criteria for establishing personal preferences for literature and draw connections between personal experiences and the worlds of texts, and share responses with others. They will also read some classic literature to develop their understanding of how text structures and language features influence audience responses. They will also evaluate the social, moral and ethical positions represented in texts. These skills will prepare them for the demands of Literature and VCE English.

The creative writing component of this course is aimed at further extending students’ love of writing and their connection with fiction. Students who undertake this course will create literary texts with a sustained ‘voice’, experimenting with text structures and various literary features for a specific purpose and intended audience. Students will also further develop their capacity to evaluate and improve upon their own personal style, and give greater strength to their emerging writing capabilities.

Coursework and Assessment

During this course, students will develop a range of skills to help them

  • access and expand their imagination
  • experiment with different writing styles
  • begin to question why individuals respond in different ways to a text
  • compare early responses to a text to later understanding and appreciation
  • evaluate the views and values in various types of writing
  • begin to apply different critical readings to a text

For their assessment in this unit, students will create a range of creative responses, develop critical analyses of texts, and complete an end of semester exam.

Contact Teacher - Cate Hambling