Individual Pathways

Year 10 is a time when students start to make decisions about their future pathways. This course aims to strengthen students’ knowledge and understanding of education and workplace opportunities and focuses on developing life skills, skills in decision-making and problem-solving.

During this course students will create individualised plans for their future and research areas of interest. Students will also examine how to succeed at school, including study techniques. Students will set and reflect on learning goals and reflect on their progress reports, as well as applying knowledge learnt about effective approaches to homework.

This course will provide opportunities for students to participate in events connected with the workplace, education and training, and other events that enable development in the transition from being a teenager into a young adult. Students will prepare for work experience placement during this course and prepare for their senior years of schooling.

Class Work

  • Participate positively in group activities and contribute to discussions.
  • Investigate areas, and undertake tasks, related to vocation, education and training pathways.
  • Complete a range of group and individual tasks
  • Maintain evidence folders and related learning activities that demonstrate knowledge and an understanding of the course components.

Contact Teacher - Jess Ferry