Humanities: Conflict & Co-operation

This advanced Humanities subject explores the issues which challenge human societies. This specification offers a stimulating mix of subjects including History, Citizenship, Geography, Beliefs and Sociology giving students the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the world around them.

This course:

  • encourages students to apply their direct experiences of the world around them
  • develops knowledge of a variety of cultural, economic, environmental, historical, moral, political, religious, social, spatial and spiritual contexts.
  • lays a solid platform for further education and vocational options.

The study of conflict and co-operation provides students with an understanding and awareness of causes and consequences of conflict at personal, local, national and international scales. Students consider the methods used to resolve conflict on these scales. Students must be aware of the influence of prejudice and persecution on individuals and societies and what can be learnt from the past. They must gain insight into the nature of human behavior. Historical and contemporary causes of inequality are investigated. Relevant examples and case studies will be used during the course.

Topics studied include:

  1. Human Rights

    • rights and freedoms of individuals in different kinds of society
    • UN Declaration of Human Rights, power, responsibilities, Amnesty International
  2. Prejudice and Persecution

    • Ignorance, group identity, fears, stereotypes, scapegoats, socialisation, media, peers, family. Age, gender, sexuality, disability, race, religion, criminal justice system, genocide.
  3. Global Inequality

    • measurement of wealth and poverty using social and economic development indicators
    • Cultural stereotyping, tourism, global interdependence, multinational companies, aid agencies
  4. Family and Socialisation

    • Nuclear, extended, lone (single) parent, civil partnerships, student households, single person households, polygamy, monogamy.
    • Gender roles within the family

Class work

  • A folio of exercises
  • Case studies
  • Film/dramatic production
  • Excursions

A major focus of this subject is to prepare students for study at the VCE level.

Contact Teacher - Geoff Portbury