Humanities: Enterprise & Entrepreneurs

A guide to Small Business

Oprah, Richard Branson, Coco Chanel, Bill Gates and Donald Trump are all Entrepreneurs with similar characteristics: competitive, dedicated, high energy and inspirational.

Do you have the characteristics to become an entrepreneur?

This course is designed for students seeking a full understanding of the key skills required to operate a small business.

Students will gain a solid foundation of aspects, issues and concepts regarding the day to day management of a variety of enterprises.

Areas of study include:

  • Setting up your own small business
  • Franchises and Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Financial Management
  • Events Management
  • Human Resources and Legal Responsibilities

Class Work

  • A folio of exercises
  • Analytical exercises
  • Research assignment
  • Participation in Market Day at the college

Contact Teacher - Geoff Portbury