Mind & Body

All Science subjects are Material Intensive Electives.

This is a one semester elective and is recommended for students who have an interest in science and especially if you intend to study either VCE Biology or Psychology.

The course covers selected aspects of the Victorian Science Curriculum that complement the work covered in CORE science, and provides an introduction to topics that are covered in the VCE subjects of Biology and Psychology.

The topics may be taken from:

  • Body Systems: students study digestive, nervous and endocrine system
  • Animal behaviour: students are involved in observing and analysing animal behaviour in a biological context through a variety of sources.
  • Inheritance: students learning about patterns of inheritance and how these are passed on from one generation to another, including nature verses nurture.
  • Psychology: students are introduced to concepts related to psychology methods .including learning, brain development and research
  • The psychological and physiological impacts of stressors and substances on the body’s nervous systems will also be explored with a particular focus on the brain.
  • Brain chemistry, development and bodily functions will be examined in relation to wellness, illness and disorders and theoretical frameworks and approaches in the field of psychology will be explored.
  • The ethics of experiments on animals, including humans will be examined, as will research methods used to test and conduct empirical investigations.

Students are encouraged to improve their scientific understanding and skills by interacting with a variety of learning experiences. The nature, development, use and influence of science are explored.

Students record and communicate their progress using a variety of techniques such as workbook entries, written scientific reports, posters, models and multimedia presentations.

Contact Teacher - Melissa Omell