Physical Science

This is a one semester elective and is recommended if you have an interest in science and especially if you intend to study either VCE Chemistry or Physics.

The course covers selected aspects of the Victorian Science Curriculum that complement the work covered in Core Science, and provides an introduction to topics that are covered in the VCE subjects of Physics and Chemistry.

The topics that may covered are:

  • Electricity: students will study the scientific concepts related to electricity and apply these to circuits, motors and generators. They will also cover renewable resources such as biofuels, solar, wind and fuel cells in relation to electricity production.
  • Materials and Matter: students investigate properties of solids, liquids and gases, in relation to heat and temperature of materials, specific heat capacity and temperature of materials as they change states.
  • Chemistry: students will develop a deeper understanding of atomic structure with particular emphasis on bonding.

Students are encouraged to improve their scientific understanding and skills by interacting with a variety of learning experiences. The nature, development, use and influence of science are explored.

Students record and communicate their progress using a variety of techniques such as workbook entries, written scientific reports, posters, models and multimedia presentations.

Contact Teacher - Chris Misale