* There is a material intensive charge for this subject.

This is a one semester elective and is recommended if you have an interest in science and especially if you intend to study either VCE Biology or Chemistry.

The course covers selected aspects of the Victorian Science Curriculum that complement the work covered in CORE science, and provides an introduction to topics that are covered in the VCE subjects of Biology and Chemistry.

The topics that may be covered are:

  • Environmental Chemistry in relation to water and the atmosphere
  • Organisms and the environment in relation to ecosystems and adaptation
  • Cells
  • Chemical compounds including organic chemistry
  • Biological and metabolic processes

Students are encouraged to improve their scientific understanding and skills by interacting with a variety of learning experiences that includes laboratory work, thus enhancing their science inquiry skills. The nature, development, use and influence of science are explored.

Students record and communicate their progress using a variety of techniques such as workbook entries, written scientific reports, posters, models and multimedia presentations.

Contact Teacher - Chris Misale