This is a one semester core subject for students. The curriculum covers all four subject areas of the Victorian Science Curriculum; Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth (Geology) and Space (Astronomy).

In Biology students will cover concepts involving Genetics & DNA, and Origin of Species relating to biodiversity and evolution.

In Chemistry students will be involved in studying the organisation of the elements, chemical properties and how these relate to the periodic table and chemical reactions.

The Physics topic will involve the investigation of motion (driving and collisions) and relating these to physics laws and formulae to analyse these.

Earth and Space will enable students to study systems in space and how these were formed and are changing, and global systems of Earth and how these rely on the interactions within the structure of the planet.

Students are encouraged to improve their scientific understanding and skills by interacting with a variety of learning experiences that includes an emphasis on laboratory work and safety, thus enhancing their science inquiry skills. The nature, development, use and influence of science are explored.

Students record and communicate their progress using a variety of techniques such as workbook entries, written scientific reports, posters, models and multimedia presentations.

Contact Teacher - Chris Misale