Fitness and the Heart - PEFI

* This is a Material Intensive Elective. Confirmed enrolment in this Elective is conditional on payment of the Material Intensive charge of $35.

The aim of this course is to increase students’ fitness levels through fitness profiling and participating in a range of different activities which include resistance training, circuit training, boxing, group fitness, cross country running, orienteering, swimming and various team sports. Students’ will undertake a full fitness profile, measuring fitness capabilities across a number of areas and design their own training program. Technology will be incorporated with the use of heart rate monitors and GPS units to assess training progress.

Students will be required to participate in the College swimming, athletic, cross country and interschool sport program.

Unit Topics

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Fitness Components
  • Training Principles
  • Energy Systems

To successfully complete this unit students are expected to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the execution of manipulative and movement skills during complex activities
  • Make an active contribution towards class activities and wear the correct PE uniform
  • Maintain a workbook of class notes
  • Demonstrate a satisfactory understanding of unit topics through set class work, knowledge tests and practical applications
  • Participate in excursions to community fitness facilities
  • Satisfactory completion of a research assignmentand a fitness training program

Contact Teacher - Rebecca Taylor