Year 10 Program

Diamond Valley College values providing students with choice so that individual strengths and interests can be the basis for the pathway to be followed. This also increases student engagement in their learning. At Year 10 this is provided through a broad elective program.

Program requirements

Students in Year 10 study 12 subjects over the year with English and Mathematics compulsory for the whole year. Humanities and Science are also compulsory for semester 1. Students then select units from the remaining Domains. It is recommended that students complete at least one elective from each area. Students should note that LOTE – Italian, VET and Advanced Placement subjects are full year subjects.

How many periods per subject?

Subjects Sessions/week
English 5
Mathematics 5
Science 4
Humanities (History/Civics) 4
Healthy Pathways 4

Please see elective selection sheet for which electives are 4 or 5 sessions per week.

Can Year 10 students do a VCE subject?
Students who meet criteria related to high levels of achievement, application and organization may be offered enrolment in one VCE Advanced Placement subject. A VCE subject must be taken for two semesters. Students choosing an Advanced Placement subject should not choose a Year 10 subject from the same area of study. Applications are made initially on the year 10 elective selection sheet to undertake an advanced placement.

Selecting a Balanced Program:
Students should select subjects according to their strengths, interests and their likely Year 11 and 12 programs, keeping in mind the need for balance and maintaining options. Students should select a program that ensures they have the flexibility to change career direction at any time.

The following points should be considered when making selections.

  • The student’s interests and skills
  • Career directions
  • Known ability and performance in subject areas
  • Aptitude for study and motivation
  • A program that leaves options open for the future
  • Prerequisite studies deemed necessary by tertiary institutions for entry to specific courses
  • Ensure that you understand subject descriptions and seek assistance if you are uncertain
  • Do not select studies simply because your friend wants you in the same classes

Confirming Your Course

After subject selections have been submitted your course will be carefully checked. Students may need to reconsider their choices if there are any concerns with their selections and course requirements. Your course will be confirmed towards the middle of term four

Material Intensive Electives

The cost of running many of the subjects we offer are incorporated into the General Levy, but there are some electives that are more expensive to run, and therefore have a fee attached to them. All Units that are subject to a Material Intensive Elective Charge have been indicated in this Handbook with a ".