* This is a Material Intensive Elective. Confirmed enrolment in this Elective is conditional on payment of the Material Intensive charge of $100.

There are no prerequisites for Units 1, 2 and 3. Students must undertake Unit 3 prior to undertaking Unit 4. No Advanced Placements are available in this subject.

Unit 1 Artworks, experience and meaning

This unit focuses on artworks as objects and examines how art elements, art principles, materials and techniques and artistic processes communicate meaning. Students will learn how to examine artists in different societies and cultures, and historical periods, and develop their own viewpoints about the meanings and messages of artworks. Students explore the practices of artists who have been inspired by ideas relating to personal and cultural identity. They study at least three artists and at least one artwork from each of the selected artists.


  1. Artworks and meaning
    Analyse and interpret the meaning and messages of a variety of artworks using your understanding of the artist’s personal experiences and their use of the elements and principles of art.

  2. Art making and meaning
    Use the art process to create visual responses that demonstrate personal interests and ideas.

Unit 2 Artworks and contemporary culture

In this unit students use the Cultural Framework and the Contemporary Framework to examine the different ways that artists interpret and present social and personal issues in their artistic practice. They apply the Cultural Framework and the Contemporary Framework as appropriate to the selection of artworks.

In students’ own artistic practice, they continue to use the art process and visual language to explore and experiment with materials and techniques and to develop personal and creative responses. They explore the way cultural contexts and contemporary ideas and approaches to art have influenced their artwork.


  1. Contemporary artworks and culture
    Discuss and compare artworks from different cultures and times using the Cultural and Contemporary Frameworks. 
  2. Art making and contemporary culture
    Use the art process to produce at least one finished artwork that explores social and/ or personal issues. 

Unit 3 Artworks, ideas and values

In this unit students study selected artists who have produced works before 1990 and since 1990. Students use the Analytical Frameworks for analysing and interpreting the meaning of artworks. Applied together, these Analytical Frameworks enable students to appreciate how an artwork may contain different aspects and layers of meaning and to acknowledge the validity of diverse interpretations.

Students link their growing theoretical understanding of art in Area of Study 1 to their own practice in Area of Study 2. Students apply imagination and creativity to develop their ideas through the art process and visual language. Their art making is supported through investigation, exploration and application of a variety of materials, techniques and processes. Students develop confidence in using the language and content of the Analytical Frameworks in their reflection of the structural, personal, cultural and contemporary aspects of their own developing artworks.


  1. Interpreting art
    Use the Analytical Frameworks to analyse and interpret artworks produced before 1990 and since 1990, and compare the meanings and messages of these artworks.
  2. Investigation and interpretation through art making
    Use the art process to produce at least one artwork, and use the Analytical Frameworks to document and evaluate the progressive development and refinement of their artistic practice.

Unit 4 Artworks, ideas and viewpoints

In this unit students study artworks and develop and expand upon personal points of view. They support their point of view and informed opinions about art ideas and issues with evidence. From this research students choose an art idea and issue to explore. Students select the artwork/s of at least one artist not previously studied in Unit 3, and use this artwork/s and selected related commentaries and viewpoints to discuss the chosen art idea and related issues.

In relation to their developing artwork, students continue to build upon the ideas and concepts begun in Unit 3 and further develop their artistic practice. They focus on the development of a body of work using the art process that demonstrates creativity and imagination, the evolution and resolution of ideas and the realisation of appropriate concepts, knowledge and skills. At the end of this unit, students present a body of work and at least one finished artwork accompanied by documentation of artistic practice.


  1. Discussing art
    Examine and anlyse an art idea and its related issues to inform their viewpoint.
  2. Realisation and resolution
    Apply the art process to progressively communicate ideas, directions and personal concepts in a body of work that includes at least one finished artwork and use selected aspects of the Analytical Frameworks to underpin reflections on their art making.


Units 1 and 2

The individual school will determine levels of achievement.

Units 3 and 4

 School-assessed coursework and end-of-year examination.

  • Unit 3 school assessed coursework: 10%
  • Unit 4 school assessed coursework: 10%
  • Units 3 & 4 school assessed task: 50%
  • Units 3 & 4 end of year written examination: 30%

Contact Teacher - Selina Braine and Jo Poulter